Donna Lopiano, Jackie Joyner-Kersee Lead the List of Featured Videos

Several videos have hit YouTube in recent days:

Lopiano: Donna Lopiano, former CEO of Women’s Sports Foundation Donna Lopiano argues that high costs of organized sports and a de-emphasis on physical education are creating a generation of unhealthy, sedentary children (

Organized Sports – Donna Lopiano (5:19)

JJK: Six-time Olympic medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee appeared on Bloomberg Television to discuss life after sports:

Joyner-Kersee on Bloomberg Television (5:57)

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Trailblazer: The following is an introduction to the US Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation Trailblazer program:

Trailblazer: Giving Familes an Outdoor Experience (5:07)

Murphy: Former MLB player Dale Murphy talks to Clubhouse Gas about the iWontCheat Foundation, which encourages kids to play fairly and to never take steroids:

Dale Murphy for the iWontCheat Foundation (5:10)

T-Mac: Houston Rockets G Tracy McGrady’s 2008 “Males Advocating Change” Basketball Camp held at the Auburndale High School, Fla:

Tracy McGrady Basketball Camp, Part 1 (3:10)

Tracy McGrady Basketball Camp, Part 2 (2:42)