NHLPA’s Goals & Dreams Partners with HNIC

Hockey_Night_in_Canada 150The NHLPA and CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada are teaming up to donate hockey equipment to grassroots programs around the world.

The NHLPA’s Goals & Dreams fund is celebrating its 10th anniversary by going on a 10-country tour in 10 days, donating around $125,000 US worth of equipment to cities across the globe.

HNIC is sending a film crew to document the entire trip, and will air a one-hour special on the tour, which will be aired in December.

“This program is truly impressive,” HNIC analyst analyst P.J. Stock said. “And our unique broadcast will showcase the generosity that NHL players have exhibited for the past decade.”

The tour will begin in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden on Nov. 13 and will make stops in Finland, Russia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia, Germany and the United States. It concludes at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto on Nov. 22 (CBC).

In Carolina: CarolinaHurricanes.com writer Doug Warf shares his experience working with a youth hockey team.

Warf: “These kids are all just happy to have the chance to play. They have checked out all of the hockey books from their school libraries, they have found Fox Sports Carolinas on their TVs, and they have definitely learned how to smell like hockey players. No, none will probably go on to score 40 goals in the NHL, but hopefully all will take the confidence that comes from taking a chance on something and experience positive results.”

Click here to read Warf’s entire article CarolinaHurricanes.com, 10/14).