True Sport Making an Impact on Canadian Sports

In Canada, there is a social movement powered by people using sports to transform lives. At the heart of True Sport is the simple idea that good sport can make a great difference. In its purest form, youth sports should inspires friendship, learning, health, and personal growth. Check out the video, which features top Canadian athletes including Silken Laumann, Marnie McBean and Steve Nash.

True Sport holds firm to the belief that after the family, sport is the most powerful influence on young people’s development. To help youth sports teams, athletes, coaches, parents and teaches stay focused, True Sport put together Principals for Sports and Principles for Communities:

Principles for Sports

  • Go For It: Always rise to the challenge. Discover how good you can be.
  • Play Fair:Play honestly and obey the rules. Winning is only real when competition is fair.
  • Respect Others: Respect teammates, competitors and officials both on the field and off. Win with dignity and lose with grace.
  • Keep it Fun: Have a good time. Keep a positive attitude and contribute to a positive atmosphere.
  • Stay Healthy: Respect your body. Keep in shape. Avoid unsafe activities.
  • Give Back: Do something that helps your community.

Principles for Communities

  • Recognize Sport as a Valuable Community Asset: Help sport live up to its full potential. Enable it to contribute to the well-being of the entire community.
  • Champion Ethical Conduct: Commit to fair play. Make respect for the rules, officials, coaches and players a priority – on the field and on the sidelines.
  • Promote Inclusion: Remove barriers. Encourage participation. Make it possible for everyone to get involved and stay involved.
  • Strengthen Connections: Create opportunities for people to get together through sport. Make newcomers feel welcome. Promote friendship, trust, cooperation and respect.
  • Support Excellence: Teams and athletes carry the hearts and hopes of the community wherever they compete. Help them to be the best they can be.
  • Foster Healthy, Active Lifestyles: Inspire people to get active and stay active. Offer a variety of sport opportunities – both structured and unstructured – that are inviting, enjoyable and rewarding for all.
  • Create Safe and Welcoming Environments: Develop, protect and nurture places and spaces that are hospitable and conducive to the safe enjoyment of sport.
  • Celebrate Contribution: Recognize and honour the people – coaches, organizers, officials and volunteers – whose contribution makes sport possible and positive in the community.

True Sport believes that the way we play together shapes how we live together. Sport falls short of its potential when negative behavior gets in the way of the positive things community sport can teach us about working together, respecting each other’s efforts, and handling both victory and defeat with the grace of a champion.