No Kidding! Comedian Eddie Izzard Completes Charity Run Around United Kingdom

Is anybody up for a nice brisk run around the United Kingdom? The entire U.K.? Officials at U.K.-based charity Sport Relief initially thought such an idea was crazy, but comedian Eddie Izzard wasn’t joking. I can almost hear the more serious tone of Izzard affirming his plan, “I said 1100 miles. I will try to run 30 miles a day for 6 days a week. It will probably take 7 weeks.” After that meeting in late July, Izzard embarked on the Sport Relief: Rise to the Challenge charity run. Go stride-for-stride with Izzard on his blog. While run itself is arguably crazy, the cause is great. When Izzard reached his London destination, the effort had raised over 200,00 pounds. The money will fund projects across the U.K., Africa and throughout some of the world’s poorest countries. Sport Relief tackles a wide variety of problems that poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable people face. Thanks for the run Eddie. Now enjoy your rest!