PCA Gives Out Three Honoring the Game Awards

09.17.09 - Positive Coaching Alliance 100As part of the National Youth Sports Awards Program sponsored by Deloitte, Positive Coaching Alliance now bestows quarterly Honoring the Game Awards to schools and youth sports organizations that embody PCA ideals.

The most recent winners include Mustang Soccer in Danville, Calif., Niles North High School in Skokie, Ill., and Northport Cow Harbor United Soccer Club out of Long Island, N.Y.

Mustang Soccer, Danville, Calif.
Now in its seventh year of PCA Partnership, Mustang Soccer “has a lot of people on our sidelines who understand exactly the kind of culture we’re establishing here,” said Michael Casotti, the organization’s PCA Coordinator. Contributing to the unity of purpose at Mustang Soccer fields is a force of than 800 parents who have attended Second-Goal Parent workshops.

Serving nearly 5,000 players, Mustang Soccer has earned PCA’s Seal of Commitment for pledging that all of its 300-plus coaches are trained and certified as Double-Goal Coaches. The organization reminds players, coaches, parents and fans to Honor the Game by placing PCA banners on its fields and PCA patches on coaches’ jersey sleeves.

Niles North High School, Skokie, Ill.
Karl Costello, athletic director at the suburban Chicago high school, has expanded the school’s three-year PCA Partnership to encompass local middle schools and park-and-rec sports programs that feed into Niles North. “We’re building a culture here,” Costello said. “That’s why we’re starting at the youth sports level.”

In a culturally diverse community with a scarcity of resources at local middle schools and few centralized youth sports organizations, “PCA has given us a tool to bring all these groups together,” Costello said. “We’ve told parents that this is for the total development of your children, and we are facilitating workshops, paying some extra money, filming workshops and putting spots onto our local cable network to spread word about our partnership and what it means to families.”

Northport Cow Harbor United Soccer Club, Long Island, N.Y.
Mandatory monthly coaches meetings serve as the centerpiece of Northport’s efforts to create a Positive Coaching culture. At each meeting, the club’s 70 coaches discuss a specific PCA concept or tool, said Joe Acosta, head of the organization’s PCA Committee.

Serving roughly 700 players, Northport relies heavily on e-mails directing coaches and parents to PCA’s online resources and distributing PCA’s “2 Minute Drills.” Northport is a Seal of Commitment partner that recently signed a three-year partnership agreement, committing to Positive Coaching for the long haul.
The Honoring the Game Award at right is granted for display on websites and printed materials to schools and organizations that most effectively promote PCA’s models of the Double-Goal Coach®, Second-Goal Parent and Triple-Impact Competitor. For more information, please visit www.positivecoach.org.