Channel 5: Steve Young’s Forever Young Foundation Tops This Week’s Videos

Steve Young’s Forvever Young Foundation, the MÉS More Than Football program, and MetroBall is making an impact in DC.

Forever Young: Former NFL QB Steve Young founded the Forever Young Foundation in 1993 when he was a member of the San Francisco 49ers. The Foundation continues to serve children who face significant physical, emotional, and financial challenges by providing academic, athletic, and therapeutic opportunities unavailable to them.

Taking full advantage of its strengths and influence, Forever Young Foundation primarily focuses its efforts in Northern California, Arizona, and Utah. Development efforts include the creation of Forever Young Zones, which include technology labs in Y.E.T. Centers (in cooperation with the NFL) and interactive, recreational therapy areas in health care facilities, and the support of approved community outreach programs and local charitable organizations whose purpose is to serve children (Forever Young Foundation).

Change the Game: MÉS is a partnership between FC Barcelona, Nike and UNHCR to bring sport and education to underprivileged youth and refugees around the world. The net proceeds from the sale of MÉS-branded products are being distributed through the FC Barcelona Foundation and UNHCR’s campaign to raise awareness and fund projects which are contributing to sports and education for some of the most disadvantaged youth in the world (MES More Than Football).

MetroBall: DC’s Metropolitan Basketball League fosters a positive, productive and safe social community through the use of sports and team dynamics. The organization runs a number of programs and initiatives including sport leagues, skill camps, and AAU teams.

Here’s a great highlight: “Over the past eight years in the North Capitol Region, the reduction in violent crimes during the summer has been directly related to the New York Ave Basketball Tournament. In the year before the tournament existed (1999), there was a high volume of tension among several neighborhoods surrounding the New York Ave. Playground. Since the existence of the tournament, each of these neighborhoods have entered several teams into the tournament and have learned to work together to significantly decrease the violence” (MetroBall).