Donovan McNabb Picks Up Heritage Award in Philly; Moss Brothers’ Dare to Dream Event in Miami

Donovan McNabb Foundation

Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb received the Heritage Award the African American Museum in Philadelphia at its fourth annual Heritage Gala late last month.

In Philly, John Smallwood wrote that McNabb’s “annual events include scholarships to his Diabetes Camp for Kids, an All-Star Kids Football Clinic and holiday events at Thanksgiving and Christmas to benefit family shelters and underprivileged children.” In addition, McNabb “has worked with various churches in the region, Children’s Crisis Treatment Center, the American Red Cross and the Fraternal Order of Police.”

McNabb: “I think [community service] is important, because as athletes a lot of people look up to us. They watch us on Sundays, but you want to do more and be involved in your community. So many athletes do good things in the community. It’s good to have attention on the positives instead on always on the negative” (John Smallwood, Philadelphia Daily News, 2/28).

Dare to Dream: Brothers Santana and Sinorice Moss, of the Washington Redskins and New York Giants, respectively, hosted their ninth Annual “Dare to Dream” event in Miami earlier this month. In Miami, Rod Hicks reported the event raised money for the Moss Foundation. The brothers also partnered with Dade County Public Schools “in order to raise funds for a tutoring program that will help nine failing schools make the grade.” A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit these Dade County Public Schools (Rod Hicks, MMIX-CBS, 3/1).