Changemakers Search for Ways to Use Sports to Help Girls and Women Ending Soon

You’ve got one week left to to propose a way to leverage sport for positive social change in the lives of girls and women. The Nike Gamechangers “Change the Game for Women in Sport” initiative will close submissions on February 25. This project hopes to catalyze change for women through sport and bring real solutions to our most troubling gender specific social problems.

What Are They Looking For? Grace Nyinawumuntu is a great example of the dreams that this Nike Changemakers initiative is looking for. Growing up in Rwanda, Grace admits she “beat genocide.” Grace: “Football is a medicine. Football changed my life.”

Grace now has a vision to provide training for coaches in Rwanda. She added, “With enough of coaches, we will also have a lot of players. … My vision is not for one year, it’s not for five years, it is a long time.” Check out her entire story in the video (Gamechangers).

Video added to YouTube: November 18, 2008