Wilma McNabb Helps Launch National Title IX Campaign

Wilma McNabb

Philadelphia’s Surburban One Sports reported that Wilma McNabb, the mother of Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb, last week helped launch the Youth Sports and Title IX Campaign, “V is for Victory. So is IX.” The national campaign “is aimed at educating students, parents and administrators about Title IX, the federal law banning sex-based discrimation in schools.”

Wilma McNabb: “I have granddaughters. I want them to have everything that’s out there that was (there) for my sons. That’s why I am stressing equality for young women and girls. I tell you this – I was not aware of Title IX, but my daughter-in-law was. When this was first brought to me, we sat and we talked about it. It is a great effort, and I have taken on the passion for this.”

Women’s Law Project Carol Tracy said that the goal of this national campaign “is to work toward that end by improving and expanding the athletic opportunities for girls, particularly in middle school and high school.”

Busted: Over 30 schools in the Philadelphia region were cited for violations of Title IX. A major violation is the inequity created by booster clubs (Suburban One Sports, 1/27). Read the entire article from Suburban One Sports

A Good Son: Donovan McNabb recently chatted with Brittney Payton, daughter of NFL great Walter Payton, about the role of parents.

Donovan McNabb on Family and Charity (2:15)

McNabb, on his parents: “They’ve truly been an inspiration for me. … They do something that they cherish, and to get other mothers and fathers involved. And I think that it’s important as parents that you continue to be supportive of your kids’ lives and always be there for them, because we want to there for them. I think that support is very important” (Mouthpiece Sports, 1/31).

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Photo credit: Suburban One Sports