Channel 5: Munoz Foundation’s Youth Leadership Seminar Video Recap

Munoz Foundation Youth Leadership Seminar (4:31)

On October 2nd, 94 high schools flooded the Cintas Center at Xavier University for the Anthony Munoz Foundation’s Youth Leadership Seminar. This year’s theme was “Strive for Excellence.”

Channel 5: Gilbert Arenas Encourages Voting in NBA FIT’s Small Steps Video Contest

Gilbert Arenas for Small Steps Contest (0:19)

Washington Wizards G Gilbert Arenas recently released a video encouraging people to cast their votes in the Small Steps contest and to draw more attention to the cause.

The NBA FIT program recently launched the Small Steps Video Contest to encouraging young people to get healthy. The user-generated video contest, hosted on YouTube, is an effort of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and the Ad Council’s Small Steps Obesity Prevention campaign.

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