This Week’s PSA: Drug-Free Sport

In simple legalese, the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport Act of 1997 promotes the participation in sport free from the use of prohibited substances or methods intended to artificially enhance performance, thereby rendering impermissible doping practices which are contrary to the principles of fair play and medical ethics, in the interest of the health and well-being of sportspersons. Simply put: No performance-enhancing drugs in sports.

This Week’s PSA: US Soccer Foundation

The mission of the U.S. Soccer Foundation is to improve the health and well being of children in urban economically disadvantaged areas using soccer as a vehicle for social change. The organization has taken a leading role in supporting the continuous development of the sport at all levels. $50 million in grants, financial support and loans have been made to help develop coaches, players and referees (US Soccer Foundation).

This Week’s PSA: PGA Tour’s “Voices” Spot

In an installment of the PGA Tour’s “Voices” campaign, golfer Anthony Kim shares his story of where he learned how to win (PGA Tour).