Running on Shoes: Nike Helping LA84 Foundation Create 84 New Playing Surfaces

Running on Shoes: Nike & LA84 (4:49)

The LA84 Foundation and Nike are working in partnership to create 84 new playing surfaces at sports facilities in Los Angeles. Nike Grind, recycled rubber left over from the manufacture of Nike shoes, is a key component in the resurfacing project (LA84 Foundation).

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The U.K.’s Great Football Giveaway Delivers 2,250 Soccer Balls to Zambia

The Great Football Giveaway in Zambia (3:26)

The Great Football Giveaway visited Zambia last October and November to deliver 2250 footballs (well, soccer balls to some) to schools and community centers across the country.

The U.K.based organization explains its mission this way, “No kid should be denied the chance to kick a ball about. It’s one of life’s most simple pleasures. So that’s what we’re here for. To get sports equipment direct into the hands or feet of some of the world’s most disadvantaged kids. … Every tenner (ie, 10 British pounds) you give is converted into a brand new football, pump & spare valves and hand delivered direct to kids in schools, orphanages or even just by the side of the road” (The Great Football Giveaway).

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Souper Bowl of Caring Getting Nearly Twice the Support from Tampa Area This Year

Souper Bowl of Caring

In Tampa, Michelle Bearden writes that with the NFL’s Super Bowl set for Tampa on February 1, “local participation in the Souper Bowl has nearly doubled since 2008.” Bearden notes that “of the 17,000 churches and schools registered so far, 161 churches are in the Tampa Bay area, up from 90 last year.”

Souper Bowl of Caring organizes a giving campaign every Super Bowl Sunday. Churches and schools “raise money and food for their local charities, which get 100 percent of the donations.” The “grass-roots movement … has generated more than $50 million for food banks, soup kitchens and other programs that serve the needy.”

The Souper Bowl of Caring’s “ultimate goal: to transform the Super Bowl weekend into two days of giving and serving.” Souper Bowl of Caring’s Tracy Bender: “Imagine if every one of the estimated 100 million who watched the game gave a dollar to a charity” (Michelle Bearden, Tampa Tribune, 1/23). Read the entire article from Tampa Tribune

News & Notes: Run for a Reason at Houston Marathon; Saints’ Winter Charity Game

Run for a Reason: In Houston, Roberta MacInnis profiled this Sunday’s Chevron Houston Marathon’s Run for a Reason charity program. MacInnis: “You don’t have to organize your own fundraising effort; you can simply contribute to one of the more than 40 sponsored organizations, either on your own by giving to a running buddy who’s already enrolled in the program” (Roberta MacInnis, Houston Chronicle, 1/14). Read the entire note from Houston Chronicle. Image note: The American Liver Association is a sponsoring organization.

Oddball? The CP reported that the the independent St. Paul Saints minor league baseball team “announced its latest oddball promotion” yesterday. A five-inning charity game will pit current and past Saints players against a collection of celebrities on February 28 at Midway Stadium in St. Paul, Minn. Admission “won’t be charged, and proceeds from concession stands will be donated to” local food shelf Second Harvest Heartland. Donations from fans “are encouraged” (CP, 1/14).

The Force: Fourteen-time NHRA champion John Force will be the guest speaker at the fourth annual Speedway Children’s Charities Mel Larson Night of Champions Dinner on April 1 in Las Vegas. All proceeds from the dinner will benefit the Las Vegas chapter of Speedway Children’s Charities (Speedway Charities).

Charity Stripe: In Texas, Corey Roepken writes that League City, Texas, will host the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship for the tenth year on January 24. This event “is held throughout the country,” and last year “more than 180,000 kids participated in more than 3,000 local competitions” (Corey Roepken, Galveston Daily News, 1/15). Read the entire article from Galveston Daily News.

Changemakers Effort Looks For New Ideas to Help Women in Sports

Women Gamechangers (0:40)

Building on the success of the first “Sport for a Better World Competition,” Changemakers is now in search for the best new ideas to advance the participation of women in sports.

Ashoka’s Changemakers and Nike continue their partnership to identify, inspire and bring together the next wave of innovators eager to change the game for women in sport.
Through February 11, 2009, individuals can propose a way to leverage sport for positive social change in the lives of girls and women. Visit the Changemakers Web site for more details (Changemakers).

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Bass Fisherman Clay Dyer Shares His Inspiring Story With C.A.S.T. for Kids

A couple of videos hit YouTube in the past two days:

Clay Dyer for C.A.S.T for Kids (4:39)

Clay Dyer, a professional sport bass fisherman, doesn’t have any lower limbs, no arm on the left side and a partial arm on the right. In addition to his competitive fishing, Dyer also regularly provides his services as a motivational speaker to corporations, churches, and charitable organizations. Dyer is the national spokesperson for C.A.S.T for Kids and is a fishing guide for disabled and terminally ill children through the United Special Sportsmen Alliance. Dyer spends part of his time sharing his life experiences through motivational and leadership presentations to various companies, charities and churches (C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation). Video added to YouTube: January 12, 2009

Runner Helping Fight Cancer at Boston Marathon (1:53)

You have to appreciate the little things do to help. Avid runner Bob Cargill is tackling the Boston Marathon for charity. Cargill puts it like this: “Today, I’m able to satisfy my desire to help boys and girls those who may have a long, hard road ahead of them on their way to a cure for cancer by running the Boston Marathon as a member of the MassGeneral Marathon Team Fighting Kids’ Cancer…One Step at a Time” (Bob Cargill). Video added to YouTube: January 11, 2009

Vapor Sports Making an Impact in Third World Environments

Vapor Sports Promo (1:16)

Vapor Sports establishes centers for humanitarian aid and sustainable life change in third world environments (Vapor Sports).

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Going Barefoot: Over 300 Coaches Stepping Up to Help Samaritan’s Feet

South Dakota State’s Samaritan’s Feet Promo (1:48)

The AP’s Cliff Brunt writes that Charlotte-based Samaritan’s Feet, which distributes shoes to children around the world, has announced that “more than 300 youth, high school and college coaches have pledged to coach one game barefoot near the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday to raise shoes and awareness.”

Last year, IUPUI’s Ron Hunter “was the sole coach to go barefoot .” Samaritan’s Feet “called Hunter and asked him to go barefoot for one game last season to help raise 40,000 pairs of shoes.” Brunt notes that “by tip-off the of the Jan. 24 home game against Oakland, Mich., the tally stood at 140,000 pairs and $30,000.”

For this year’s effort, Samaritan’s Feet “has increased its goal to 1 million pairs” (Cliff Brunt, AP, 1/6). Read the entire article from the AP

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The Great Ethiopian Run Has Record Turnout for 2008 Race to Benefiit Children

The Great Ethiopian Run (1:54)

A record number 32,000 people participated in the Great Ethiopian Run, Africas’ biggest 10k road race, on December 4. UNICEF and the Great Ethiopian Run have been partners for the past three years, committed to fighting HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia.

The race continued its tradition of fundraising for orphans and vulnerable children through the Dream Campaign by raising money for four charity homes for children affected by HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia.

The guests attending this years race include Sweden’s 2004 Olympic Heptathlon champion Carolina Kluft and Britain’s 5000m specialist Mo Farah, alongside a number of renowned Kenyan athletes (UNICEF).

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San Antonio Group Hopes to Set the Standard in Special Needs Parks

SOAR Establishing Special Needs Parks (9:23)

SOAR (Sports Outdoors And Recreation), a project of San Antonio-based Gordon Hartman Family Foundation, is providing outdoor recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The special needs parks are an oasis for people with disabilities, their families and caregivers who need facilities specifically designed to assist them in enjoying outdoor activities. The effort focuses on San Antonio and Central Texas (SOAR).

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Shining Stars Foundation Uses Sports to Serve Cancer Patients

Shining Stars Foundation PSA (0:30)

The Shining Stars Foundation provides sports, recreational, and outreach programs and services for children and young adults with cancer and other life threatening diseases at no cost to the child or their family (Shining Stars Foundation).

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Give Blood Play Hockey Nets $35,000 for Charity, Blood Donations in Second-Year Event

Give Blood Play Hockey 2008 (6:31)

The second annual Give Blood Play Hockey tournament was held in Irvine, Calif., in early October. This year’s event raised $35,000 and garnered 138 pints in blood donations. The event benefits the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and the National Marrow Donor Program (Give Blood Play Hockey).

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