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Abdur-Rahim, Shareef – Future Foundation
Agassi, Andre – The Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation
Aikman, Troy – The Troy Aikman Foundation
Alexander, Shaun – Shaun Alexander Foundation
Alstott, Mike – Mike Alstott Family Foundation
Ali, Muhammad – Muhammad Ali Center
Anderson, Shandon – The Shandon Anderson Foundation
Andrade, Billy – Billy Andrade Brad Faxon Charity for Children
Anthony, Carmelo – Carmelo Anthony Foundation
Arenas, Gilbert – Zero to Hero Foundation
Armstrong, Lance – Lance Armstrong Foundation
Babineaux, Jonathan – Babineaux Family Foundation
Babineaux, Jordan – Babineux Family Foundation
Baker, Vin – Stand Tall Foundation
Batch, Charlie – Best of the Batch Foundation
Beckett, Josh – Josh Beckett Foundation
Bettis, Jerome – Bus Stops Here Foundation
Biffle, Greg – The Greg Biffle Foundation
Bilas, Jay – Athletes United For Youth
Blair, Tony – Tony Blair Sports Foundation
Blank, Arthur – Arthur Blank Family Foundation
Block, Ed – The Ed Block Courage Award Foundation
Boerigter, Marc – Open Arms Foundation
Boldin, Anquan – Q81 Foundation
Boozer, Carlos – Boozer’s Buddies Foundation
Boselli, Tony – The Boselli Foundation
Bosh, Chris – The Chris Bosh Foundation
Branch, Deion – Deion Branch Foundation
Brand, Elton – The Elton Brand Foundation
Brees, Drew – The Brees Dream Foundation
Briere, Danny – The Daniel Briere Foundation
Brigance, O.J. – Brigance’s Brigade
Brooking, Keith – The Keith Brooking Children’s Foundation
Brooks, Derrick – Derrick Brooks Charities
Brooks, Garth – Teammates for Kids Foundation
Brunell, Mark – The Brunell Family Foundation
Buckner, Greg – The Greg Buckner Foundation
Bulluck, Keith – Believe And Achieve Foundation
Burlsworth, Brandon – The Brandon Burlsworth Foundation
Buoniconti – Nick – The Buoniconti Fund
Burton, Ward – The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation
Busch, Kyle – The Kyle Busch Foundation
Camby, Marcus – Cambyland Foundation
Carroll, Pete – A Better LA
Carter, Cris – Carter Brothers Charities
Carter, Vince – Embassy of Hope Foundation
Cassel, Jack – We Play Green
Catchings, Tamika – Catch the Star Foundation
Challis, John – John Challis Courage for Life Foundation
Cherry, Deron – Score 1 for Health
Childress, Richard – Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma
Clayton, Mark – Mark Clayton Foundation
Clemens, Roger – The Roger Clemens Foundation
Coleman, Rod – Rod Coleman Foundation
Coughlin, Tom – The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation
Curry, Del – Athletes United For Youth
Cutler, Jay – The Jay Cutler Foundation
DaFoe, Byron – Athletes Against Autism
Dalembert, Samuel – The Samuel Dalembert Foundation
Davis, Doug – 49 Fund
Deng, Luol – The Loul Deng Foundation
Diaw, Boris – Babac’Ards
Dickerson, Chris – We Play Green
Divac, Vlade – Humanitarian Organization Divac
Dotson, Santana – Santana Dotson Foundation
Doucet, Early – Early Doucet 980 Foundation
Draft, Chris – Chris Draft Family Foundation
Driver, Donald – The Donald Driver Foundation
Duckett, TJ – TD Foundation
Duhon, Chris – The Chris Duhon Foundation
Duncan, Tim – The Tim Duncan Foundation
Dunn, Warrick – Warrick Dunn Foundation
Earnhardt Jr., Dale – The Dale Earnhardt Jr. Foundation
Earnhardt, Dale – The Dale Earnhardt Foundation
Epstein, Theo – Foundation To Be Named Later
Esiason, Boomer – The Boomer Esiason Foundation
Evert, Chris – Chris Evert Charities
Faulk, Marshall – The Marshall Faulk Foundation
Favre, Brett – Brett Favre Forward Foundation
Favre, Deanna – Deanna Favre Hope Foundation
Faxon, Brad – Billy Andrade Brad Faxon Charity for Children
Federer, Roger – Roger Federer Foundation
Fischer, Jiri – Healthy Hope Foundation
Flanigan, James – The James Flanigan Foundation
Flutie, Doug – The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation
Ford, TJ – The TJ Ford Foundation
Foreman, George – George Foreman Youth & Community Center
Foudy, Julie – Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy
Foyle, Adonal – Democracy Matters
Frase, Paul – Joshua Frase Foundation
Frye, Channing – C. Frye Foundation
Garcia, Jeff – Garcia Pass It On Foundation
Garnett, Kevin – Management Leadership for Tomorrow
Garrison, Zina – Zina Garrison All Courts Tennis Academy
Gault, Willie – Athletes for Life Foundation
Gibbs, Joe – Youth For Tomorrow
Glenn, Tarik – D.R.E.A.M. Alive
Gomes, Ryan – Hoops for Heart Health
Gonzalez, Tony – The Tony Gonzalez Foundation
Gordon, Jeff – The Jeff Gordon Foundation
Gordon, Tina – Tina’s Dream Ranch
Granato, Cammi – Golden Dreams for Children Foundation
Granderson, Curtis – Grand Kids Foundation
Green, AC – AC Green Youth Foundation
Green, Darrell – Youth Life Foundation
Green, Jarvis – Jarvis Green Foundation
Green, Jeff – The Green Foundation
Green, Mark – The Green Foundation
Green, Willie – Willie Green Foundation
Gretzky, Wayne – Wayne Gretzky Foundation
Griese, Brian – Judi’s House
Gwynn, Darrell – Darrell Gwynn Foundation
Hamels, Cole – The Hamels Foundation
Hamilton, Lewis – Lewis Hamilton Foundation
Hamm, Mia – Mia Hamm Foundation
Hansen, Travis – Little Heroes Foundation
Harrington, Joey – The Harrington Family Foundation
Hasselbeck, Matt – The Matthew Hasselbeck Foundation
Hawk, Tony – Tony Hawk Foundation
Hendrick, Rick – Hendrick Marrow Program
Hill, Grant – Tamia & Grant Hill Foundation
Holmes, April – The April Holmes Foundation
Holt, Terrence – The Holt Foundation
Holt, Torry – The Holt Foundation
Holyfield, Evander – Holyfield Foundation
Howard, Dwight – Dwight Howard Foundation
Hoyt, Dick – The Hoyt Foundation
Hoyt, Rick – The Hoyt Foundation
Hunter, Torii – The Torii Hunter Project
Iguodala, Andre – Andre Iguodala Youth Foundation
Irvan, Ernie – Race2Safety Foundation
Irwin Jr., Kenny – Kenny Irwin Jr. Memorial Foundation
Iverson, Allen – Crossover Foundation
Ivey, Phil – Budding Ivey Foundation
Jaeger, Andrea – Little Star Foundation
James, LeBron – LeBron Foundation
Jamison, Antawn – A Better Tomorrow
Jansen, Dan – Dan Jansen Foundation
Jarrett, Dale – The Dale Jarrett Foundation
Jenkins, Fergie – Fergie Jenkins Foundation
Jeter, Derek – Turn 2 Foundation
Johnson, Dwayne – The Rock Foundation
Johnson, Jimmie – Jimmie Johnson Foundation
Johnson, Magic – Magic Johnson Foundation
Johnson, Rudi – Rudi Johnson Foundation
Jones, Walter – The Walter Jones Foundation
Jordan, Brian – Brian Jordan Foundation
Joyner, Seth – Joyner-Walker Foundation
Joyner-Kersee, Jackie – Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation
Kahne, Kasey – The Kasey Kahne Foundation
Katula, Matt – Katula Foundation
Kennison, Eddie – Eddie Kennison Foundation
Kerrigan, Nancy – The Nancy Kerrigan Foundation
Kidd, Jason – Jason Kidd Foundation
Kirilenko, Andrei – Kirilenko’s Kids
Klug, Chris – Chris Klug Foundation
Kolzig, Olie – Athletes Against Autism
Labonte, Bobby – Bobby Labonte Foundation
LaFontaine, Pat – Companions in Courage Foundation
Lang, Kenard – The Kenard Lang Foundation
Laumann, Silken – Silken’s Active Kids
Leinert, Matt – Matt Leinart Foundation
Lemieux, Mario – The Mario Lemieux Foundation
Lewis, Marvin – Marvin Lewis Community Fund
Lewis, Ray – The Ray Lewis 52 Foundation
Light, Matt – The Light Foundation
Loomis, Robbie – The Robbie Loomis Foundation
Lyons, Marty – The Marty Lyons Foundation
Maddox, Tommy – Tommy Maddox Foundation
Maggette, Corey – Corey Maggette Foundation
Magloire, Jamaal – Youth Deserve a Chance to Dream
Manning, Peyton – The PeyBack Foundation
Marino, Dan – The Dan Marino Foundation
Martin, Kenyon – Kenyon Martin Foundation
Martin, George – A Journey for 9/11
Martinez, Dennis – The Dennis Martinez Foundation
Mathis, Kevin – The Kevin Mathis Foundation
McCarty, Darren – McCarty Cancer Foundation
McKenzie, Mike – 34 Ways Foundation
McMurray, Jamie – The Jamie McMurray Foundation
McNair, Steve – Steve McNair Foundation
McNabb, Donovan – The Donovan McNabb Foundation
Mellanby, Scott – Mellanby Autism Foundation
Miller, Mike – Mike Miller Foundation
Miller, Ryan – Steadfast Foundation
Miller, Shannon – Shannon Miller Foundation
Ming, Yao – Yao Ming Foundation
Modano, Mike – The Mike Modano Foundation
Montoya, Juan Pablo – Formula Smiles Foundation
Moore, Bobby – The Bobby Moore Fund
Moore, Nat – Nat Moore Foundation
Moorman, Brian – Brian Moorman’s PUNT Foundation
Mora, Jim – Count on Me Foundation
Mota, Jose – The Manny Mota Foundation
Mourning, Alonzo – Alonzo Mourning Charities
Moyer, Jamie – The Moyer Foundation
Mughelli, Ovie – Ovie Mughelli Project
Mulitalo, Ed – Big Ed’s Band Foundation
Munoz, Anthony – Anthony Munoz Foundation
Mussina, Mike – The Mike Mussina Foundation
Mutombo, Dikembe – Dikembe Mutombo Foundation
Nash, Steve – The Steve Nash Foundation
Neely, Cam – The Cam Neely Foundation
Newman, Ryan – Ryan Newman Foundation
Nicklaus, Jack – Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation
Oben, Roman – Roman Oben Foundation
Oden, Greg – Team ODEN Oregon Mentors
Ogden, Jonathan – The Jonathan Ogden Foundation
Okafor, Emeka – One Million African Lives Initiative
Okoye, Amobi – Amobi Okoye Foundation
Okoye, Christian – The Christian Okoye Foundation
Ortiz, David – David Ortiz Children’s Fund
Owens, Terrell – Catch a Dream Foundation
Pagnozzi, Tom – Pagnozzi Charities
Palmer, Arnold – Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
Parseghian, Ara – Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation
Payton, Gary – The Gary Payton Foundation
Payton, Walter – Walter and Connie Payton Foundation
Peete, Rodney – HollyRod Foundation
Pelfrey, Doug – Kicks for Kids
Pennington, Chad – 1st and 10 Foundation
Peterson, Adrian (Bears) – Adrian Peterson Foundation
Peterson, Adrian (Vikings) – All Day Foundation
Petty, Kyle – Victory Junction Gang Camp
Petty, Richard – Victory Junction Gang Camp
Pierce, Paul – The Truth Fund
Player, Gary – The Gary Player Foundation
Plummer, Jake – The Jake Plummer Foundation
Posada, Jorge – The Jorge Posada Foundation
Pujols, Albert – Pujols Family Foundation
Radmanovic, Vladimir – Vladimir Radmanovic Children’s Foundation
Ramirez, Manny – MR24 Foundation
Randle El, Antwaan – The El Foundation
Reilly, Rick – Nothing But Nets
Ripken, Cal – Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation
Robinson, Jackie – The Jackie Robinson Foundation
Robinson, Sugar Ray – Sugar Ray Robinson Youth Foundation
Roddick, Andy – Andy Roddick Foundation
Roethlisberger, Ben – Ben Roethlisberger Foundation
Rose, Jalen – The Jalen Rose Foundation
Saberhagen, Bret – Bret Saberhagen Make a Difference Foundation
Sadler, Elliott – Hermie and Elliott Sadler Foundation
Sadler, Hermie – Hermie and Elliott Sadler Foundation
Schrempf, Detlef – Detlef Schrempf Foundation
Scioscia, Mike – Amateur Baseball Development Group
Seau, Junior – Junior Seau Foundation
Semple, Tony – Tony Semple Foundation
Sharper, Darren – The Sharper Kids Foundation
Sharper, Jamie – The Sharper Kids Foundation
Scheckler, Ryan – Scheckler Foundation
Shields, Will – Will to Succeed Foundation
Silvestre, Mikael – Schools for Hope
Slater, Kelly – Kelly Slater Foundation
Smith, Neil – Third and Long Foundation
Smith, Otis – Otis Smith Kids Foundation
Smith, Shaun – 91 Ways Foundation
Smith, Steve – Athletes United For Youth
Smith, Steve – Steve Smith Scholarship Fund
Snider, Ed – Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation
Snow, Eric – Shoot for the Moon Foundation
Spikes, Takeo – 51 Ways Foundation
Springs, Ron – Gift of Life Foundation
Stackhouse, Jerry – Triple Threat Foundation
Stargell, Willie – Willie Stargell Foundation
Starks, John – John Starks Foundation
Stewart, Tony – Tony Stewart Foundation
Stojakovic, Peja – Peja Stojakovic Children’s Foundation
Stover, Matt – Matt Stover Foundation
Sutton, Kelly – Let it Shine Foundation
Sweeney, Mike – The Mike and Shara Sweeney Family Foundation
Swisher, Nick – Swish’s Wishes
Taylor, Jason – Jason Taylor Foundation
Terry, Jason – The Jason Terry Foundation
Teter, Hannah – Hannah’s Gold
Thomas, Derrick – Third and Long Foundation
Tillman, Charles – The Cornerstone Foundation
Tillman, Pat – Pat Tillman Foundation
Tomlinson, LaDainian – Touching Lives Foundation
Torre, Joe – Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation
Trufant, Marcus – Trufant Family Foundation
Utley, Mike – Mike Utley Foundation
Valvano, Jim – The V Foundation
Vieira, Carlos – Race for Autism
Villanueva, Charlie – Charlie Villanueva Foundation
Vincent, Troy – Love Thy Neighbor Community Development & Opportunity
Wade, Dwyane – Wade’s World Foundation
Wallace, Gerald – Gerald Wallace Foundation
Wallace, Rasheed – Stand Tall With Sheed Foundation
Walls, Everson – Gift of Life Foundation
Walsh, Kerri – Chase the Stars Foundation
Ward, Charlie – The aWard Foundation
Warner, Kurt – First Things First Foundation
Washington, Kermit – Project Contact
Washington, Mali Vai – The Mali Vai Washington Kids Foundation
Watson, Earl – The Emagine Foundation
Webb, Brandon – K Foundation
Webber, Chris – Chris Webber Foundation
Weir, Mike – The Mike Weir Foundation
Westbrook, Peter – Peter Westbrook Foundation
White, Roy – Roy White Foundation
Williams, Roy – The Roy Williams Safety Net Foundation
Williams, Steve – Steve Williams Foundation
Wistrom, Grant – Grant Wistrom Foundation
Witt, Katarina – Katarina Witt Foundation
Woods, Tiger – Tiger Woods Foundation
Yamaguchi, Kristi – Always Dream Foundation
Youkilis, Kevin – Hits for Kids
Young, Steve – Forever Young Foundation
Young, Vince – The Vincent Young Foundation
Yow, Kay – Kay Yow Cancer Fund
Zito, Barry – Strikeouts for Troops Fund
Zorich, Chris – The Christopher Zorich Foundation

* – In a 2007 Seattle Times series on charities of athletes, writers Bishop & O’Neil noted that “some of the most charitable … athletes don’t operate their own charities.” Rather, they partner with local charities. Sports Philanthropy Project Executive Director Greg Johnson: “Athletes should do philanthropy. There are many ways to do it short of starting your own foundation?” (Seattle Times, 9/2/2007).