Pirates Announce Fields for Kids Program to Construct and Renovate Area Ballfields

Pittsburgh Pirates Fields for Kids Program

MLB.com’s Jennifer Langosch wrote the Pittsburgh Pirates announced the “Fields for Kids” program for the Pittsburgh community at PirateFest on Saturday.

Pirates Owner Bob Nutting said that “this new grant program, which will provide matching grants from $1,000 to $5,000 for improvements, construction and renovations for baseball and softball fields in the region.”

Nutting: “I really believe that with the difficult economic times that we are headed into, it’s even more important for Pirates Charities to reach out into the community. It’s a program designed for the youth of the area to get out and play baseball in a safe, wholesome environment.”

Langosch also noted that Pirates Charities “has initially committed $100,000 to the program, which includes $25,000” from Pirates Catcher Ryan Doumit.

Doumit: “I just remember how much time I spent on a baseball field when I was that age, and the facilities that I had and the advantages that I had. Now I’m fortunate enough to be put in a position where I can give back to the community and give these kids some of the same advantages that I had. I’ve driven around and kind of seen some of these sandlots, and it doesn’t look like it is top-of-the-line-type stuff,” he continued. “I want these fields to be enjoyable and something that these kids can be proud of” (Jennifer Langosch, MLB.com, 1/24). Read the entire article from MLB.com

Photo credit: Pittsburgh Pirates