Coach’s Corner: Elite Soccer Club Forbids Players From Playing on High School Squads

Positive Coaching Alliance

Each week, Progress Avenue lists articles of interest about youth sports. This week’s lead features an article from the Dallas Morning News that examines the FC Dallas Juniors soccer club’s decision not to allow its academy players to play on their high school squads:

Exclusive Club: FC Dallas Juniors Forbid Varsity Play (Brandon George, Dallas Morning News, 1/22).

Recruiting Middle School-Aged Players: Early Start or Exploitation? Opinions Differ on Football University, Which Organizes Camp for Ages 12 to 14 (S. Thomas Coleman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 1/23).

CPS to Restrict Game Attendance: League’s Away Games Barred to Fans in a Bid to Cap Violence (Sadovi & Sakamoto, Chicago Tribune, 1/24).

Random Drug Testing of High School Athletes Scores Big Life-Lesson Points (Editorial, Florida Sun-Sentinel, 1/24).

Rivals on Same Side in Fight Against Cancer (Paul Valencia, Vancouver Columbian, 1/24).

Successful Battle: Hanahan Teammates Return to Court After Bout With Cancer (Philip Bowman, Charleston Post & Courier, 1/23).

Hat-Trick Hat Tossing Controversy Almost Saw the Tradition Banned … Hats Off to a Coach With His Head in the Game (Michael Platt, Calgary Sun, 1/23).

Thanks to Doug Abrams for the articles. Abrams is a PCA Champion for Positive Coaching Alliance.