Positive Coaching Alliance Creates Social Network on Popular WePlay Site

Positive Coaching Alliance now has a presence on WePlay, an online social network that lets users connect with teams, leagues, family and friends to share schedules, photos, and the other information. WePlay is a family-friendly, youth-sports-centric environment. Coaches, parents and players can automatically receive updates for all their teams and groups in one convenient place: their weplay profile. The Positive Coaching Alliance group hopes to connect the PCA’s Double-Goal Coaches, Second-Goal Parents and Triple-Impact Competitors nationwide (Positive Coaching Alliance).

Responsible Sports: Registration is open in theFall Responsible Sports Community Grant period. Responsible Sports focuses on providing expert advice and helpful resources for youth sport parents and coaches. The program is an effort of Liberty Mutual with support from Positive Coaching Alliance. Under the program, teams and leagues rally coaches, parents, administrators and community supporters to take a course and pass a quiz to join the Responsible Sports movement. Each successfully passed quiz earns youth sports organizations a point. The organizations with the most points in their division at the end of the period are honored with a $2,500 Community Grant (Positive Coaching Alliance).