Franchise Tag: Orlando Magic Players Visit Disney Children’s Hospital Patients

Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic players Dwight Howard, J.J. Redick and Keith Bogans recently visited Disney’s Children’s Hospital at Florida Hospital to spend some holiday time with children currently in the hospital.’s John Denton covered the day under the header, “Howard Trades Smiles With Young Patient.”

Howard: “I’m a doctor and they all call me Dr. Giggles. My job was to make sure all the kids ended up with smiles on their faces before I left. I actually got my Ph.D. in being a comedian and making people laugh. That’s my second job and I enjoy it.”

Denton noted that Redick “was particularly mindful of what the families were going through during their hospital stays. Redick’s younger brother, David, needed surgery last winter to remove a noncancerous tumor on his spine. Redick talked with many parents about the struggles their families were going through.”

Redick said, “You have kids who are put in these very unfortunate situations and their attitudes are great, their outlook and spirit for life are inspirational. When I go to these events I like trying to get a feel for how the families are doing. I tell them I know it’s no fun being in the hospital, but thanks for fighting.”

Bogans, on meeting the kids: “Seeing their smiles when you give them gifts and take time for them, their reactions mean everything to me. Those kids, what they are going through, puts everything in perspective. Basketball really doesn’t mean much compared to what they are going through. But basketball actually means a lot to those kids when you talk to them” (John Denton,, 12/14). Read the entire article from

Celtics: The Boston Celtics recently hosted a holiday party for children from the Boston Medical Center. Young patients were treated to face painting, sing-a-longs and story telling, while players hosted games and signed autographs (Boston Celtics).

Timberwolves: Minnesota Timberwolves players hosted kids at Build-A-Bear for a Reading Timeout. Players read with the children and then helped to make their own bear. Each child made another bear for the Timberwolves Toys for Tots donation (Minnesota Timberwolves).