ESPN Profiles Soccer Star Hilgenbrinck’s Obedience to Enter Priesthood Kieran Darcy profiles former pro soccer player Chase Hilgenbrinck’s transition from soccer to the priesthood.

Darcy: “Chase realized that while he was fulfilling his dream of being a professional soccer player, he didn’t actually feel fulfilled. He wondered if he was meant to do something else with his life. Eventually, Chase came to a startling conclusion, at least to himself: ‘I felt that [God] was calling me to the priesthood.'”

Hilgenbrinck, on leaving his soccer career: “You know, why don’t I wait until the end of my [soccer] career, and then I’ll say yes? But it’s funny, I was reading this book while I was going through this process. I came across this line: ‘Delayed obedience is disobedience.’ And that hit me. I was like, I’ve got to do the right thing. I can’t tell God to wait on me.”

Chase Hilgenbrinck: From Soccer to Priesthood (5:47)

Hilgenbrinck added, “I don’t have any regrets. I look at the priests around me. I look at the older guys in the house that are about to be priests. And in my heart, I genuinely want what they have. There was a time, three years ago, that this was the last thing I wanted for myself. Now it’s the only thing I want” (, 10/23).

Video published to October 22, 2008