Snowboarder Hannah Teter Donating 2009 Earnings to Kenyan Town of Kirindon

Hannah Teter

In Vermont, Joe Milliken reports that Olympic Gold Medalist Hanna Teter, just 21 years old, “recently announced that she will donate all her snowboard earnings from the upcoming season to her charity, Hannah’s Gold, and the organization World Vision.”

Through World Vision, sales from Hannah’s Gold “helps provide funds to sponsor Kirindon, a town of 56,000 people in Kenya.”

Teter: “I decided to donate my contest earnings to charity after spending two years battling with a recovery from an injury and three surgeries that kept me off snow. I felt that because I was so blessed to heal up and be able to return to competing on a professional level again, there needed to be a higher purpose involved with my work.”

Teter’s goal for 2009 “is to raise $100,000 for Kirindon through the sales of Teter’s Gold, combined with any snowboard earnings she may earn.” Meanwhile, “Team Teter” is also “looking into marketing their own Specialized Goodness wrist bands and shirts, made from healthy, organic products” (Joe Milliken, The Message of the Week, 1/20). Read the entire article from The Message of the Week

Photo credit: Hannah’s Gold