Carmelo Anthony’s 15 on the 15th Program Providing Haircuts to Disadvantaged Youth

Carmelo Anthony

The Carmelo Anthony Foundation has started a new program entitled “15 on the 15th” in which Anthony’s Studio 15 Barbershop will be utilized to provide haircuts to disadvantaged children and underserved adults in programs throughout the Denver area.

The Foundation partnered with Denver Magazine to launch the program yesterday. 15 children from Family Resources Center Association received free haircuts from the professional staff at Studio 15.
Anthony: “I created the ‘15 on the 15th’ concept as a program through which my Foundation could, at least in some small way, have a positive impact on someone’s life. Since disadvantaged children and adults in our community face challenges every day, we hope something as simple as a haircut will help in building their self-confidence.”

On the 15th of each month, 15 disadvantaged children or underserved adults from programs throughout the Denver area will receive free haircuts at Studio 15. Each month, the Foundation will select a different organization as the beneficiary of the program (Carmelo Anthony Foundation).

Photo credit: Carmelo Anthony Foundation