Coach’s Corner: Minneapolis Paper Covers PCA’s Annual Sports Lists

Positive Coaching Alliance

Each week, Progress Avenue lists articles of interest about youth sports. This week’s lead features an article on Positive Coaching Alliance. In Minneapolis, Rachel Blount takes a look at Positive Coaching Alliance’s lists of the top 10 and bottom 10 moments in sports:

Lists Offer Lessons in Life That Sports Can Teach So Well (Rachel Blount, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 1/6).

“I think there’s a growing awareness of the importance of honoring the game. There’s something going on in sports beyond the immediate competition, the idea of who wins and who loses. Sports have the ability to inspire us, to elevate us, to enhance our appreciation of life. That’s why we created this movement, to make sports the ennobling experience it should be.” -Positive Coaching Alliance Executive Director Jim Thompson.

Positive Coaching Alliance’s Bottom 10 Moments and Top 10 Moments in Sports, 2008

More articles of interest:

Games Are for the Kids (Steve Delaney, Burlington Hawk Eye, 1/10).

She’s a Goalie: Three Girls Make Their Mark in PIHL and They Would Prefer To Be Treated Like Any Other Hockey Players (Colin Dunlap, Pittsburgh Posts-Gazette, 1/9).

Where Enforcers Come From (Robert MacLeod, Toronto Globe & Mail, 1/9).

Zebras Earn Their Stripes (Brian Swane, Edmonton Sun, 1/8).

Caution: Collegs Put Pressure on Kids (Mason Linker, Winston-Salem Journal, 1/9).

Thanks to Doug Abrams for the articles. Abrams is a PCA Champion for Positive Coaching Alliance.