UMPS CARE Auction Back for Second Year

The UMPS CARE online auction has returned for a second year. All proceeds from the auction go toward the organization’s youth charity programs, but especially to support the organization’s Blue Crew ticketing program, which provides an opportunity for at-risk children and children who are waiting to be adopted to attend Major League game. Click here to get in on the auction.

“We raise the money to be able to purchase where we need to purchase,” UMPS CARE Executive Director Samuel Dearth said. “When we started the program, we said we’re not just going to be a ticket organization. If you are a 10-year-old boy or girl, and you’re in that environment, you’ll see that there are parents with their kids and those kids are getting everything.”’s Bailey Stephens reports that last year’s auction raised more than $20,000, but noted that he the auction was held in conjunction with the organization’s golf classic. This year, the auction is being held separately to coincide with Spring Training.

While UMPS CARE’s Blue Crew ticket program is able to provide a memorable day of baseball for the kids, Dearth told Stephens that “it can also serve to reinforce the efforts of the recruiters’ main goals: to find the children permanent homes.”

Dearth: “In order for a boy or young boy to be adopted, [the recruiter has] to have the cooperation and trust of the child. This gives them an opportunity to share with their kids in their care to strengthen that relationship. The baseball experience is a fun experience. But what we hear from ‘Wendy’s wonderful kids’ recruiters is nothing but positive feedback, because it is just an opportunity for the kids to get down on the field, do something unique, make those kids feel special” (Bailey Stephens,, 3/12/09).