Royals’ DeJesus Stays Active in Kansas City Area

David DeJesus 275Kansas Royals LF David DeJesus is participating in the 2009 Kansas City Ability Day on Sunday. The third annual event helps disabled persons and their families to stay active and live well.

DeJesus, who participated with the many youngsters for the first time last year, recently caught up with’s Dick Kaegel.

“They were playing softball, and I was the pitcher, and they liked seeing if they could hit against me,” DeJesus told Kaegel. “It was fun, seeing the smiles on their faces and just having them run around and having a good time. I think that’s the most important thing. Maybe their dream was to be a baseball player and now they’re playing against and getting hits off a professional baseball player, so that’s just one of those things in their lives that they can say they’ve done.”

Kaegel adds that DeJesus is also “active in the fight against Ewing’s sarcoma,” a disease that recently claimed the life of one of his cousins. DeJesus’ goal “is to build a home near a sarcoma treatment center to house victims and their families during their stays.”

“Some families don’t have enough money to fly out here and rent hotels and cars. This would be a place where they can stay and where they could also get more information about the disease,” DeJesus said. “It would take away that one stress in their lives and they wouldn’t have to worry about that.”

DeJesus and Kaegel discussed a few other charitable efforts of DeJesus. Kaegel sums it up best by writing, “DeJesus, after seven years with the Royals, is making his presence felt in his charitable pursuits in Kansas City.”

Click here to read Kaegel’s entire piece (, 10/14).