Shaquille O’Neal Featured in New PSA for Childhelp USA

Shaq Films PSA for Childhelp USA (1:52)

In Phoenix, Christina Boomer reported that Phoenix Suns C Shaquille O’Neal filmed a new PSA for Childhelp USA this week. The organization, which is “dedicated to helping victims of child abuse and neglect,” believes kids “look up to [O’Neal] as a role model so they hope when he tells them to stay away from meth, or donate to Child Help to stop child abuse they will.”

Childhelp USA co-Founder Sara O’Meara said, “Everyone said you just have to have Shaq. And so we said we’ll get him. These economic times are so bad and people who made pledges in the past and honored them are no longer able to honor them, so when people step up to the plate, like Shaq, it makes a great detail of different to a charity” (Christina Boomer, KNXV-ABC , 1/8). Read the entire article at