Chicago 2016 Donates Millions to Charity Group

World Sport Chicago 150Chicago’s attempt to host the 2016 Olympic Games brought an outpouring of private money, the remainder of which will be diverted to World Sport Chicago, a non-profit arm of the City of Chicago’s Olympic bid delegation.

World Sport Chicago was founded in connection with the 2016 Olympic bid to promote youth sports programs in Chicago’s parks and public schools.

Chicago 2016, which organized Chicago’s Olympics bid, raised $72.8 million in cash, slightly more than it expected.

The bid team expected to spend all but $13 million in its pursuit of hosting the 31st Olympiad, with the balance going to World Sport Chicago.

That’s higher than the $12.4 million initially anticipated, but far less than what World Sport might have gotten had Chicago been chosen to host the 2016 Summer Olympics and had stayed on budget.

The $225-million profit from the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 bankrolled LA 84, a similar youth-sport initiative, which continues to operate today.

World Sport Chicago will remain focused on promoting the development of recreational and competitive sport to the area’s youth. The organization works closely with Chicago 2016 and Chicago’s 2016’s Athlete Advisory Council (AAC) to provide sport expertise and athlete insight to the execution of these sporting events.

While the Olympics will not be coming to the Windy City, World Sport Chicago will continue to aid Chicago in developing a sustainable, international sporting legacy as a real agent of social change for the city (World Sport Chicago).