NFL Goes Pink with Crucial Catch Campaign

NFL Crucial Catch 275The NFL, its clubs and players are supporting the fight against breast cancer. The “A Crucial Catch” campaign, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, is focused on the importance of annual screenings, especially for women who are over the age of 40.

Throughout October, NFL games will feature players, coaches and referees wearing pink game apparel to raise awareness for the campaign, as well as on-field pink ribbon stencils and special K-balls and pink coins.’ Mike Wobschall notes that each NFL team playing at home in Week Four will observe Breast Cancer Awareness in their stadium, while clubs on the road in Week Four will designate an alternate game later in the month. In addition, all game-worn pink product will be autographed post-game and sent to NFL Auction, with all proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society. The NFL’s initiative is to be inclusive of all breast cancer organizations and activities, with the primary goal of engaging as many fans as possible and maximizing impact (NFL).

In Minnesota, the Vikings are ready to do their part in the campaign. This Monday night’s game against the Green Bay Packers is designated as the Vikes’ THINK PINK Game.

Wobschall notes fans will notice several in-stadium and on-field elements aimed at increasing breast cancer awareness. Some of those elements include:

  • On-field pink ribbon stencils at each 25-yard line
  • In-stadium “A Crucial Catch” wall banners
  • Pink goal post padding in both end zones
  • Special K-balls with pink ribbon decals and pink coins used for kickoff and coin toss
  • Pink sideline caps for coaches and team sideline personnel
  • Pink ribbon pins to be worn by coaches and team executives
  • Players using and wearing pink elements, including cleats, wristbands, gloves, sideline caps, helmet decals
  • Pink caps and pins for game officials
  • All fans attending the Vikings game will receive pink breast cancer awareness towels on their way into the stadium

In addition, the Vikings Women’s Organization will distribute pink ribbons outside the stadium before the game (, 10/1).