Chad Ochocinco to Wear Pink Throughout October

Pink Ribbon 100Sports organizations and teams have always been good at recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness month every October. In the NFL, players will be allowed to wear pink cleats and/or pink gloves to promote breast cancer awareness during Week Four, which is this weekend. The allowance is only for Week Four.

However, Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco announced on Twitter that he won’t stop after Week Four, that he’ll use the entire month of October to go pink. Check out the Tweets:

Ochocinco: “I’ll be wearing all pink gloves, shoes and wrist bands in support of breast cancer awareness throughout the Month of October”

Ochocinco: “Oh and as for getting fined I probably will because my entire shoe is pink, gloves are all pink and wrist bands I’ll match the fine n donate”

Ochocinco: “NFL is supporting the pink<_ I went a step further by having everything pink I'm wearing, mouth piece and chin strap to."

Ochocinco in pink? He doesn’t leave it to our imagination. He tweeted to @ChrisJohnson28, “I’m gonna look like the pink panther Sunday.”