Would You Like Your Favre Jersey Well Done?

Favre Packers Jersey 275hThe day that Brett Favre announced that he would play for the Minnesota Vikings this season, fans in Minnesota and Green Bay were quick to circle October 5th on their calendars. This Monday night, Favre will face his old team for the first time since retiring from the Packers after the 2007 season. So what does this all mean? Well, Wisconsin’s ABC 18 reports that Favre “could help raise a lot of money in Eau Claire next week because he’s so unpopular right now.”

Eau Claire’s The Milwaukee Burger Company is hosting a burning party during halftime of Monday’s game. For every piece of Brett Favre memorabilia someone brings to burn, $10 will be donated to support a camp for young burn victims.

“There’s a lot of controversy among our regulars,” Milwaukee Burger Co. General Manager Julie Kolk told ABC 18. “We have some Vikings fans and some Packer fans. We just decided to have some sort of party, and this is the one that came to mind. We thought it could be really fun, and we thought we could help a good cause at the same time.”