Usain Bolt’s 9.58 SuperParty Has Charity Tie

Usain Bold 9.58 SuperParty 150To celebrate his amazing accomplishments on the track this year, Jamaican speedster Usain Bolt is hosting a two day series of activities ending with a one-of-a-kind 9.58 SuperParty, December 4-5 in Jamaica. While the event will be heavy with celebrity guests, it also takes the opportunity to raise funds for charity and community activities. One focus will be on Bolt’s hometown of Sherwood.

“Currently the medical centre in Sherwood is built on leased land,” said Bolt’s manager, Norman Peart, in a press release. “There is the possibility that they may be forced to move as the land may go for sale. We want raise funds that can go towards helping with the purchase of the land, so that the centre can have a permanent home, and also be refurbished. Depending on how much we are able to raise we will also funnel funds through the United Way to other worthy charities.”