Coach’s Corner: UM’s Shannon Profiled by

Positive Coaching Alliance550Each week, Progress Avenue lists articles of interest about youth and amateur sports:

Miami Coach Randy Shannon Brings Real Life Experience to Hurricane (Dave Hyde,, 9/23).

“Do you know how many black coaches off America’s meanest streets walk the sideline of big-time college football in these enlightened times of 2009? The one in this office. Maybe Shannon isn’t the most amazing story in sports right now. But go ahead, name someone else.” -Dave Hyde,

Coach’s Job Not Always Protected (Nick Wilson, Chico Enterprise Record, 9/24).

“One of the things that seems to set high school athletics apart from the collegiate and professional ranks is that the competition hasn’t been marred by money-grubbing agents or laden with litigation … or at least, so we would hope.” -Nick Wilson, Chico Enterprise Record

35-Point Rule Needs to be Active for All Games (Kevin White, Omaha World Herald, 9/24).

“Blowouts are a part of athletics, but more than ever, declining participation numbers in Iowa seem to be contributing to a widening gap among programs, especially in the smaller schools.” -Kevin White, Omaha World Herald

When Taking a Break Can Prevent One (Kelly Bothum, Delaware News-Journal, 9/22).

“Playing a sport has been credited with helping young athletes develop a healthy self-esteem, learn discipline and grasp the importance of working together. But as team sports become increasingly specialized and the training year-round, some players are learning another unintended lesson of the game — how to deal with injuries.” – Kelly Bothum, Delaware News-Journal

Thanks to Doug Abrams for the articles. Abrams is a PCA Champion for Positive Coaching Alliance.