Longtime Sabres Fan Envisions Team Museum With a Local Focus in Buffalo

Buffalo Sabres

In Buffalo, Charity Vogel profiles Buffalo Sabres fan Joseph Gambacorta’s pursuit of a “Buffalo Hockey Experience and Museum” that would “tell that story of Buffalo hockey to visitors.”

Gambacorta, a Sabres memorabilia buff, already has “a Web site in place β€” www.bleedfortheblueandgold.com β€” and filed an application for nonprofit status.”

Vogel writes that “as Gambacorta sees it, Buffalo has a long, storied history of hockey that it should boast about.” He “envisions his collection as the seed” for the museum. Vogel: “He’d like to see the museum downtown, maybe near the waterfront. He insists on a strictly local focus, and would like parts of the site to be interactive in order to draw families as well as sports buffs” (Buffalo News, 11/3).

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