Coach’s Corner: Game On a Must-Read Book

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Each week, Progress Avenue lists articles of interest about youth and amateur sports. This week’s lead is the Institute for International Sport’s pick of “Game On” as a must-read book for educators. It was chosen in recognition of exceptional sport-themed books that contribute to the education of youth and adults, and to the American sports culture.

Game On Named Sports Education Book of the Year (The Institute for International Sport).

“Game On will change the way American society looks at youth sport. With great precision, Mr. Farrey trains his investigative lens on a realm populated by more than 30 million boys and girls, documenting the consequences of sorting the strong from the weak at ever-earlier ages: fewer active kids, rising obesity rates, testier sidelines and U.S. National Teams that rarely win world titles.” -The Institute for International Sport

Relationships Can Be An Invisible Player in Sports (Dr. Michael Zito, East Brunswick Home News Tribune, 3/30).

“Family relationships can have a powerful influence on the development of an athlete. As a sports psychologist, I have seen both positive and negative influences of parents and families on athletes. Essentially, a family can become an invisible or behind-the-scenes player that can influence athletic performance.” -Dr. Michael Zito, Home News Tribune

Do Energy, Sports Drinks Live Up To Hype? (CBS’ Early Show, 4/4).

“Manufacturers of most energy drinks assert they give you that “oomph” to help get you through the day. But do they live up to their billing, and are they safe? What about sports drinks and vitamin water? On The Early Show Saturday Edition, medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton threw a bit of cold water on the claims.” -CBS

Stricken Coach Still Inspires Students (Mark Zaretsky, New Haven Register, 4/3).

“John Gambardella continues to encourage and inspire East Haven High School students to stay fit, even at a time when he’s not able to teach or coach them himself. Gambardella has devoted much of his life to fostering the fitness and development of East Haven youth in general and high school students in particular.” -Mark Zaretsky, New Haven Register

New Generation to Have Less Than Parents in School Sports? (Martin Gottlieb, Dayton Daily News, 4/1).

“Typically, sports only account for about 2 percent of a school’s budget, give or take a percent. So administrators can’t perform any miracles for the academic side by cutting sports or charging for them. But schools are under so much pressure to do more academically that ultimately attention does turn to sports budgets.” -Martin Gottlieb, Dayton Daily News

Thanks to Doug Abrams for the articles. Abrams is a PCA Champion for Positive Coaching Alliance.