Jackie Robinson Foundation Preserves Jackie’s Legacy

Jackie Robinson Foundation

MLB.com’s Tim Ott was on the ground during the Jackie Robinson Foundation’s 2009 Scholars Annual Networking Weekend, which culminated in the Foundation’s annual awards dinner, held March 16.

Jackie Robinson’s widow, Rachel, felt that establishing the Jackie Robinson Foundation “was the best way to preserve her husband’s legacy.”

Rachel Robinson: “We decided instead of having a building named or a street named for him, we’d start an active organization that would support the education of minority youngsters. That way, they’d be able to fulfill all of their dreams and also become leaders in various communities.”

Ott noted that the Foundation “equips its scholarship recipients with a comprehensive set of support services including mentoring, career guidance and practical life skills, resulting in a nearly 100 percent graduation rate, more than twice the national average for minority students.”

Robinson: “We believe that students need more than tuition and funds,” explained Robinson. “They need a lot of support, other kinds of support. They need the help to develop their leadership potential. They need all kinds of nurturing and mentoring, and we provide that for them. The Networking Weekend is a core part of our support system. The scholars get to know each other, they get to know the staff, they get to know their sponsors, because they will be meeting with them over the weekend. It strengthens them in terms of their development and their wishes” (Tim Ott, MLB.com, 3/15).

In another piece, Ott reported on the awards dinner held March 16. Ott: “Along with celebrating the accomplishments of this year’s graduating class, the dinner served to honor three distinguished recipients of the JRF’s annual awards: actor Robert Redford, TV personality Robin Roberts and neurosurgeon Benjamin Carson Sr. (Tim Ott, MLB.com, 3/16).