Coach’s Corner: Should Student-Athletes Pay to Play?

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Each week, Progress Avenue lists articles of interest about youth and amateur sports. This week’s lead tackles the issue of dwindling athletic department budgets in high schools and wonders if student-athletes should pay to play. After the jump we look at women in coaching roles, as well as the rough year youth sports organizations are having.

It May Be Time to Pay to Play (Carl Love, Riverside Press-Enterprise, 3/10).

“So here’s a thought as we stand on the precipice of the next Depression: Why not make kids pay more to play high school sports, much like kids pay hefty fees to play on the travel teams so popular around here?”-The Press-Enterprise’s Carl Love

Many Girls Play Basketball, but Few Grow Up to Coach It (Jane Burns, Madison Capital Times, 3/11).

“At a Time When Participation is on the Rise for Female Athletes, Women Still Remain Mostly in the Minority in Leadership Roles, Even for Girls and Women’s Programs.” -The Capital Times’ Jane Burns

Youth Sports Enrollment, Sponsors Down (Kevin Gray, Manchester Union Leader, 3/12).

“The global economic crisis has reached baseball and softball fields across the city and around the state, and with opening day fast approaching, youth-baseball players can expect a season with fewer bats and balls but more diamonds that are a bit rough around the edges. Those players who take the field, that is.” -The Union Leader’s Kevin Gray

Thanks to Doug Abrams for the articles. Abrams is a PCA Champion for Positive Coaching Alliance.