Tigers’ Granderson Launches Scoring For Schools Effort

With the MLB season quickly approaching, the Tigers’ Curtis Granderson hopes to score some for his foundation. Then, the Baseball Tomorrow Fund and a Yankees effort is after the jump.

Scoring for Schools

Curtis Granderson: Detroit Tigers CF Curtis Granderson announced a new fundraising initiative for his Grand Kids Foundation called Scoring For Schools, which will help raise money for Michigan’s inner city public schools.

Individuals or companies will be able to donate money for every run Granderson scores during the 2009 regular season and playoffs. Those donating can spend as little as one cent for every run Granderson scores.

Granderson: “I am calling on the entire state of Michigan to get involved with this initiative. I always tell people that every dollar can make a difference, and this is a chance to prove that. I know the economy is tough, especially in Michigan, but if even just half of the state donated a penny for every run I score, imagine the difference we could make in our state’s schools and educational system. It’s extra incentive for me to go out there and help the Tigers win games this year” (Grand Kids Foundation).

An International Game: With the start of the World Baseball Classic on March 5, the Baseball Tomorrow Fund offers a look at its international involvement. The Baseball Tomorrow Fund has awarded numerous international grants, totaling over $1.3 million, during its ten-year existence (Baseball Tomorrow Fund).

Giving House: The New York Yankees is working in associaiton with the Giving House to give fans the opportunity to donate to their community sports associations and not for profits. Every purchaser of a premium Yankee package, through DE Worldwide, will have the opportunity to donate a portion of the sales price to the community organization or charity of their choice. Giving House is a donor-advised fund at The Giving Back Fund (Giving House).