Colin Powell Addresses The First Tee During Network Meeting; Folds of Honor Foundation Helping Vets

Colin Powell with The First Tee

The First Tee concluded its biennial network meeting with a gala dinner event March 1 in San Jose. General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.) and founder of America’s Promise Alliance, with whom The First Tee partnered in 2008, served as the keynote speaker at the dinner.

Powell: “I have been involved in a number of youth-serving programs and I don’t know of any that have grown as rapidly and firmly as The First Tee. Your success, however, rests with the simple reality that you are serving a real need in our society.”

Powell continued, “We need youngsters who have had placed in their hearts, by the adults in their lives, the Nine Core Values of The First Tee. Young people must be taught these values and believe they can help them move upward. We want kids to believe in themselves, to believe in their communities, give back to others and believe in America. The First Tee gives kids a sense of place, a sense of purpose, something to believe in.”

The theme of the four-day meeting was Forces Fore Good, named after the highly acclaimed book Forces for Good, which examines the practices of high-impact nonprofits (The First Tee).

Patriot Golf Day: features a story about Patriot Golf Day, the major fundraiser for the Folds of Honor Foundation, and its ability to administer scholarships to the families of veterans who either perished or were wounded in the line of duty.

Maj. Gen. Martin Umbarger: “It is truly wonderful how this program, in association with The PGA of America, has worked to help the families and assist children in higher education. I play golf myself and I can tell you how proud I am to golf. When the veterans who return come home and see an organization like The PGA help them like this, it is the ultimate. It means everything. The pride they feel and just feeling that their job does not go unnoticed has meant so much it is hard to put into words” (, 3/3).

Ladies Day: Tuesday, March 3, was Ladies Day at PGA National, in advance for the weekend’s Honda Classic. The PGA Tour Wives Classic raised nearly $100,000 for charity.

Amy Wilson, wife of Mark Wilson and president of the PGA Tour Wives Association, said, “The PGA Tour gives so much back through each tournament through charities, and we get to mirror that and help in our own way too. And through the connections we have through our husbands, we can open doors” (CP, 3/4).