Coach’s Corner: Should Youth Be Allowed to Lose?

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Each week, Progress Avenue lists articles of interest about youth and amateur sports. This week’s lead takes a look at the “politically correct” culture within youth sports. The issue of fighting in hockey continues to make news, and we’ve got another look at that after the jump. And when it comes to danger, hockey’s not alone. Guess what other sport grabbed a headline.

9-0 and No More! PC Rule Could Blow the Whistle on Crushing Defeats in Children’s Football (Nick Craven, Londo Daily Mail, 2/27).

“We’re being over-protective with youngsters but doing them no favours. … Life throws down challenges to you, and sometimes it lays you flat on your back, but you have to learn to pick yourself up again, and you won’t develop that spirit if no one ever allows you to lose.” -Civitas Deputy Director Robert Whelan

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Symposium Suggests Two-Pronged Attack on Fighting (James Christie, Toronto Globe & Mail, 2/24).

“They don’t talk about the culture of hockey, or what to say to kids. It’s an unpopular word . . . No one’s ever said ‘It doesn’t belong.’ Until we talk to the kids and say it’s not appropriate — and parents entrust their kids to you as coaches — I don’t think you’ll get fighting out.” -Youth hockey coach Dan Rose, on the issue of fighting not being discussed in hockey coaching clinics

Officials Act a Bad Sign of the Times (Ernie Clark, Bangor Daily News, 2/27).

“The bill creates the Class D crime of assault on a sports official, with a maximum fine of $4,000. This crime would not apply to a person officiating at a professional sporting event.” -Ernie Clark, on the Maine Legislature introducing LD 727, “An Act to Protect Sports Officials”

Soccer’s Higher-ups Should Use Their Heads (Dave Soloman, New Haven Register, 2/27).

“In this era of enlightenment to the effects of multiple concussions … there are actually people who are violently opposed to a mounting body of evidence that head injuries can be significantly reduced. Why would anyone be against protecting the millions of youths who play soccer in this country?” -Dave Soloman

Missing: Respect Among Athletes (Jesse Grass, Shoreline Beacon, 2/25).

“Athletes need to respect one another to keep each sport what it is … a game.” -Jesse Grass

Thanks to Doug Abrams for the articles. Abrams is a PCA Champion for Positive Coaching Alliance.