Chris Paul, President Obama Deliver Community Service Message During NBA All-Star Game

In case you missed Sunday night’s NBA All-Star Game on TNT, New Orleans Hornets G Chris Paul took center court to bring a message about community service to the audience.

Paul: “Through the NBA Cares program, and through the personal charitable efforts of so many in the NBA family, we have a chance to help those in need here in the United States and in countries all over the world. … We are grateful that we can inspire hope, provide encouragement and create change for the better. Basketball may be just a game played here on the court, but it can also bring people together in ways that extend far beyond our sport.”

In a videotaped message, U.S. President Barack Obama encouraged people to get off the bench and into the game. Obama: “In this time of so much need in our communities and across our country, we are blessed with endless ways to restore hope and opportunity to places that yearn for both. … All of us have it within our power to get off the bench, get into the game and make a lasting contribution to the life of this nation” (NBA).

Video added to YouTube: February 18, 2009