Coach’s Corner: Is the Goon Era Coming to an End in Hockey?

Positive Coaching Alliance
Each week, Progress Avenue lists articles of interest about youth and amateur sports. This week’s lead examines hockey’s impact on concussions and the effort to ban fights in the sport:

Concussion Panel Recommends Ban on Hockey Fights (Canadian Press, 2/10).

Fighting Hockey Violence Will Give You a Concussion; Medical Advice Won’t Change the Cultivated Culture of Violence in Professional Hockey (Jeffrey Simpson, Toronto Globe & Mail, 2/14).

Montreal Suffering Net Loss; Shortage of Goaltenders in City’s Minor Hockey Ranks Due to High Costs, Lack of Pro Role Models (Andrew Chung, Toronto Star, 2/13).

Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, But Don’t Look for Them on TV (Scott Fowler, Charlotte Observer, 2/11).

“Painful Lessons”: Abuse At Chicago Schools. Hundreds Of Kids Beaten, Whipped, Even Choked By Teachers, Coaches (Dave Savini, CBS 2 Chicago, 2/9).

Chaos Makes Us Forget What Prep Games Should Be About (Jerry Brewer, Seattle Times, 2/9).

Background Checks for Prep Athletes? (Robert Napper, Bradenton Herald, 2/12).

Thanks to Doug Abrams for the articles. Abrams is a PCA Champion for Positive Coaching Alliance.