Coach’s Corner: The Daily Oklahoman Runs Series Called “The Disappearing Referee”

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Each week, Progress Avenue will list several articles of interest about youth sports. This week’s lead is “The Disappearing Referee” series The Daily Oklahoman:

The Disappearing Referee: Battling Attrition, (Jason Kersey, Daily Oklahoman, 11/3).

The Disappearing Referee: Officials Vanishing from the Field, (Jason Kersey, Daily Oklahoman, 11/3).

The Disappearing Referee: Suggestions for a Solution, (Jason Kersey, Daily Oklahoman, 11/3).

Bad Calls: Shortage of Refs Won’t End Soon, (Editorial, Daily Oklahoman, 11/6).

More Articles of Interest:

Charges Filed Against Parent, Who Vows to File Civil Suit, (Ross Dolan, The Mitchell Daily Republic, 11/13).

District Not As Bad As Parent Says, (Editorial, The Mitchell Daily Republic, 11/14).

One-Sport Athletes May Pay a Price: Year-Round Use of Same Muscles Leads to Injuries, (Tom Ziemer, Wisconsin State Journal, 11/14).

Worrisome Trend in Women’s Hockey; Injuries twice that of male counterparts, according to some studies. The question is: Why?, (Mary Ormsby, Toronto Star, 11/8).

Internet Forum Posters Should Think Before They Type, (Keith Groller, The Allentown Morning Call, 11/11).

Fear Sends Wrong Message to Young Athletes, (Steve Politi, Newark Star-Ledger, 10/29).

Fat Kids Have The Arteries Of 45-Year-Olds, Study Shows, (Marilynn Marchione, Huffington Post, 11/11).

Some Actions in Sports Are Hard to Explain, (Craig Smith, Seattle Times, 11/11).

Crazy Parents, But Hopefully Not Me, (Keith Pompey, Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/9).

Thanks to Doug Abrams for the articles. Abrams is a PCA Champion for Positive Coaching Alliance