Positive Coaching Alliance Ranks Top, Bottom 2007 Moments

Today, Progress Avenue features Positive Coaching Alliance’s “Top 10 Moments in Sports, 2007.” The organization also listed the “Bottom 10 Moments in Sports, 2007.” As a complement to both lists, the PCA also released Discussing Sports Incidents with Children, to help youth and high school athletes process all the life lessons contained in the Bottom 10 and Top 10 Moments (Positive Coaching Alliance).

Top 10 Moments in Sports, 2007:

  • 10. In an English League Cup soccer game that resumed a month after a Leicester City player suffered a heart attack, league rules prevent Nottingham Forest’s 1-0 lead from carrying over, so Leicester City corrects matters by letting Nottingham Forest take the ball from the opening kickoff and score without opposition.
  • 9. Cincinnati’s Knothole Baseball bans parents from directing negative chatter at youth baseball players.
  • 8. To raise funds for the family of cancer-stricken Minnesota state high school wrestling champion Torrey Line, MN/USA Wrestling coordinates sales of a limited edition Minnesota Storm Wrestling shirt, which depicts Torrey having his hand raised after his 2006 State Championship.
  • 7. The Everett, WA Centennial Middle School seventh- and eighth-grade girls basketball team – during the fourth quarter of games – identify the opponent exhibiting the best sportsmanship and surprise her with a postgame medal presentation.
  • 6. Houston Texans defensive back Jason Simmons “sells” jersey #30 to teammate Ahman Green for a down payment of $25,000 (matched by owner Bob McNair) on a home for a single mother and her 7-year-old child with autism.
  • 5. Bret Harte High School basketball player Hannon Smith prevails in getting the Calaveras (CA) County Board of Education to revise the policy that kept him from playing his senior year for refusing to cut his shoulder-length hair.
  • 4. Utah Jazz guard Derek Fisher chances missing his playoff game to help his infant daughter through life-saving surgery in New York City, flies back to Utah in time to hit a key three-point shot to seal a Jazz win and in a postgame interview inspiringly explains his priorities.

  • 3. An Ottawa area girls soccer team walks off the field in solidarity with their teammate when a referee bans 11-year-old Asmahan Mansour for refusing to remove her hijab, a ceremonial Muslim headscarf.
  • 2. Former Dallas Cowboy Everson Walls donates a kidney to his former teammate, Ron Springs, who has since lapsed into a coma.
  • 1. Release of the Mitchell Report on use of performance-enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball, providing a chance for parents and coaches to capitalize on teachable moments with youth athletes and steer them away from cheating and drug use.

More information about the topics on the above list, as well as the “Bottom 10 Moments in Sports, 2007” and the Discussing Sports Incidents with Children resource, is available at www.positivecoach.org.