Positive Coaching Alliance’s Thompson Featured in Q&A

Positive Coaching Alliance Founder & Executive Director Jim Thompson is featured in a recent Q&A with MLB’s Baseball Tomorrow Fund. PCA, which has a goal of “transforming youth sports so sports can transform youth,” has served over 3 million youth athletes since its inception in 1998.

A few of Thompson’s comments from the Q&A:

  • On starting PCA: “I realized that most adults who worked with youth athletes weren’t prepared to get the best out of kids nor to seize the endless procession of teachable moments that sports provide.”
  • On the “best qualities” a youth sports coach can possess: “The ability to fill Emotional Tanks is a high priority for any coach, especially of youth athletes. When players have full E-Tanks, they can perform their best without worrying about failure or having their coach come down on them when they fail, as everyone does in baseball on a regular basis. Teaching athletes to fill each others’ E-Tanks is a crucial aspect of building a team culture in which players commit to trying to reach their potential.”
  • On the role of parents: “Parents who are not coaches need to let the coaches and athletes worry about winning. Parents should be what PCA calls “Second-Goal Parents” where the Second Goal is using sports to teach life lessons.”

Click Here to read the entire Q&A with PCA Founder & Executive Director Jim Thompson (Baseball Tomorrow Fund).

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