Zoot Suit Riot: Ryan Miller’s Charity Event Set to a Speakeasy Theme; Sabres Players Take Part

Ryan Miller Catwalk for Charity

WGRZ-NBC reported that Buffalo Sabres G Ryan Miller hosted the third annual “Catwalk for Charity” fundraiser and cancer awareness last night in Buffalo.

This year’s theme was “Speakeasy from the ’20s.” Sabres players and guests “showed off their flapper dresses, pinstripe suits and fedora hats” during the fashion show event.

Miller started the event as a fundraiser for his charity, the Steadfast Foundation.

The organization, which was started after Miller’s younger cousin, Matt, was diagnosed with cancer, “works with Roswell Park and Carly’s Club Foundation to raise money for the research and treatment of childhood cancer.”

Miller: “This is our chance to get everyone together and we can have a little bit of fun while raising people’s awareness and what they might be able to do in their own communities. So it’s a nice event, but we definitely make sure to hammer that point home” (WGRZ-NBC, 2/8). Read the entire article from WGRZ-NBC

Photo credit: Joe Cascio