Thanks for visiting Progress Avenue, which from 2007-2010 covered community and charity efforts in sports. While the publication is now in retirement, I hope that this site continues to be a resource. There is a plethora of articles and links still available. Enjoy! –Tim Glase


Grassroots: Be Inspired By Individuals Making a Difference

Sports That Serve Meeting Needs of Orphans

"There are many Calcuttas in the world," said Mother Teresa. "Find your Calcutta." This is one of the many great lessons we can take from Mother Teresa. It's a call on all of us to find, and pursue, a service we are each passionate about. Rob Shields definitely found his Calcutta. Perhaps it's ironic that this came after spending eight months as the athletic director at Mother Teresa's HIV/AIDS … [Read More...]

Variety of Illinois Takes a Look Back on 2009

Check out the new 2009 retrospective from Variety of Illinois. The non-profit group is helping to give children with disabilities the freedom and independence to live life and fulfill their roles in society. The effort reaches well beyond Illinois, though. Through a network of 54 chapters in 14 countries, Variety the Children's Charity reaches into communities across the globe to offer … [Read More...]

True Sport Making an Impact on Canadian Sports

In Canada, there is a social movement powered by people using sports to transform lives. At the heart of True Sport is the simple idea that good sport can make a great difference. In its purest form, youth sports should inspires friendship, learning, health, and personal growth. Check out the video, which features top Canadian athletes including Silken Laumann, Marnie McBean and Steve … [Read More...]

Is it Right to Pay a Child for Every Goal Scored?

If I was on this plan when I was a kid, I'd be a rich man. I was always better at playing soccer than I was at taking out the garbage and mowing the lawn. While scoring a goal can hardly be considered a chore, it is a source of revenue for one kid. Positive Coaching Alliance, a great organization aim at "transforming youth sports so sports can transform youth,"invites people to submit questions … [Read More...]

Sports Shed Takes Equipment Drive to New Level

Chicago's NBC 5 profiles The Sports Shed, a growing Illinois-based organization that is distributing sports equipment to non-profit organizations, including Girls in the Game and Mercy Home for Boys, who run sports and fitness programs for youth. The TV news piece throws a bit a curve. What starts as an apparent plug for Play It Again Sports turns into a pitch of an alternative way, and an … [Read More...]

Popular Sections: Keeping Pace With the Big Leagues

Conversations: Catching Up with Community Program Leaders

Conversation: United Way of Tampa Bay Using Sports to Extend its Message and Engage its Community

If you remember just two sentences of this conversation, then file this away, "We always talk about the negative aspect of athletes in the news, but there's so much positive going on. There's a lot of good people in these organizations, from their management down to the players, that really are making headway in supporting community efforts throughout the Tampa Bay area." This is exactly why … [Read More...]

Conversation: A Perfect Birthday Gift is Supporting Kerosene Lamp Foundation’s March $10K Campaign

As you're spending time trying to figure out what the perfect birthday give would be for someone, why don't you consider donating to that person's favorite charity? That's exactly what Orlando Magic star Adonal Foyle hopes his friends and fans do to celebrate his birthday. Foyle, who turned 34 on March 9, kicked off a March $10K Campaign to support his Kerosene Lamp Foundation. Foyle is … [Read More...]

Conversation: Sports4Kids Founder Jill Vialet Discusses a New Brand of Play in Schools

While there is a national concern about the apparent decline in the physical fitness of our youth, there is one group that is bringing a new way to play to schools across the country. Sports4Kids, based in Oakland, Calif., is rethinking school recess and taking its new brand play to low-income public schools. Sports4Kids has programs in seven cities now, but that number will grow to 27 by the … [Read More...]

Conversation: WBCA’s Smith Discusses the Pink Zone

How could you miss an entire week of pink uniforms in women's college basketball? The increasingly-popular Pink Zone initiative recently wrapped up its third year. The mission is the same: to assist in raising breast cancer awareness on the court, across campuses, in communities and beyond. But the numbers are growing. Results are still trickling in, but the Women's Basketball Coaches … [Read More...]